Standing On Earth is a shoe blog and documentary I created, while living in the Bay Area. It features people in different neighborhoods of the Bay, who share their stories and thoughts behind their shoes, fashion, and life.

Role: Founder / Director / Producer



Behind the Production


I was blessed to work with some inspiring people in this project. Some of the stories were spontaneous, some were planned, but all of them were from the heart. Over time, I’ve learned that spontaneity can often be more authentic than something planned and rehearsed. Authenticity is what I wanted to capture, more so than perfection. I wanted the storyteller to fully express themself.

Standing On Earth represents individual style. How one views themself and the world around them. How one stands on Earth. 


It’s about sneakers and style, but also about people from all walks of life, sharing their unique life experiences. My hope is that people can learn something new from the stories told.

The project documents people and their shoes in different neighborhoods of the Bay Area. The website allows you to categorize stories by neighborhood and shoe type. The videos shown were just a few of the stories from the website, which is currently being redesigned. I am planning to expand it into new locations. Stay tuned.