My name’s Jay and I’m a consultant, specializing in video and design. I collaborate with businesses to create engaging content and memorable experiences. My passion comes from learning new things about people and cultures. I create stories to inform and inspire audiences.

Since 2013, I’ve created content for businesses, individuals, and nonprofits in the medical, health & fitness, music & entertainment, food & beverage, and marketing, industries. Each project is a unique experience, as I strive to create work that can have positive impacts on people.

My creative journey began at the Academy of Art University, where I studied Web Design and New Media. While learning how to code websites, I took an Anthropology class and became fascinated with film and the study of cultures. My love for storytelling grew, as I created a shoe documentary for my Thesis, filming people in different neighborhoods in the Bay Area. Since then, I’ve continued to help businesses enhance their branding and communications through storytelling.

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