Planet Drum Foundation – Website

Created visual design for Planet Drum Foundation website.
Role: Visual Designer  |  Technology: Photoshop

Banyan Tree Project – Website

Designed website for Banyan Tree Project
Role: Website Designer, Graphic Designer, Photographer  |  Technology: Photoshop, WordPress

Mind Map & Wireframes

Information Graphics

Website – Screenshots

API Wellness – Print Marketing

Designed print marketing collateral for API Wellness Center
Role: Graphic Designer, Photographer  |  Technology: Illustrator, Photoshop

Brochure (spread)

Brochure (front & back)

Bus shelter advertisement

Large-scale poster

API Council – Print Marketing

Designed layouts and infographics for API Council.
Role: Graphic Designer  |  Technology: Illustrator

Impact & Influence report (front)

Impact & Influence report (back)

Map Infographic

Xrysalis – Logo

Designed logo for Xrysalis. Client concept: A butterfly illustrating the left and right sides of the brain.
Left (logical) shown with circuitry. Right (imaginative) shown with paint and brush strokes.
Logo placed on marketing material and apparel.
Role: Graphic Designer  |  Technology: Illustrator


Final Logo