I thought of this movie after seeing all the fires happening on the west coast. In the story, people in high positions realize that human beings will be wiped off the planet in the next generation. Their plan is to create a small team of people to travel through space and migrate to another planet, in order to save humanity. The problem is that they can’t find a way to travel the distance with their current technology. Matthew McConaughey is chosen to come up with a plan and pilot the mission.

During the travel, the crew stumbles upon unknown physics in space that allows them to time-travel. McConaughey later sacrifices himself in order to save the crew, drifting off into space in his ship. He wakes up lost in a timeless dimension, where he can physically see into other points in time. His personal mission is to get back to his daughter who he left on Earth.

Interstellar is probably one of my favorite sci-fi’s. It also has beautiful cinematography. Video below by The Pure Cinema.

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