Meteor Shower & Sunrise – Volcano, Hawai’i

I took these shots while walking on a trail, the morning after the Perseid meteor shower. It was the first meteor shower I’ve seen. I was blown away seeing so much movement in different areas of the pitch black sky. Feeling close to the stars is one thing, but seeing meteors shoot across the sky with light trails, one after the other makes them feel even closer. Unfortunately my phone camera wasn’t able to pick up good quality in the darkness at 4am. Instead I took these shots while the sun was rising later that morning. It was epic seeing the meteor shower in the dark, followed by the changing colors in the sky as the day progressed. Seeing steam rise from the lava underground was nice to see in the morning. An unforgettable night and day.


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    Great pics would love to see them in large format! 🔥🤙🏽

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